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Dry Cleaning/Laundry Office Delivery

Here's an employee benefit your employees will love and it won't cost your company a dime!

Guaranteed to improve your company's appearance, we will ensure your employees will never be without fresh clean clothes.

Add a personal service perk to your employee benefit package and help them free up some of their valuable time from their busy lifestyles. They will have to worry about one less thing... rushing to the dry cleaners before it closes or taking away from their free time on the weekend to lug their clothes to the dry cleaners. Our service is convenient, fast and will not interrupt your business what so ever. And the best of all it won't cost your company any money to add a great benefit to your employees.

Here's How It Works:

  1. You and I set up a designated area in your business, doesn't have to be a large area (a spare closet, break room, etc...)
  2. Each employee interested in using our service receives two complementary nylon laundry bags tagged with their name and special instructions slip.
  3. We pick up the bags from the designated area on the scheduled service day.
  4. We deliver your employees fresh, clean clothes the following scheduled service day.

Employees are bill individually. For their convenience we accept credit cards or payments can be made by check or cash.

Pick-Up and Delivery is FREE.

Your employees will thank you for this valuable time savings service your company provides to their busy lives.

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