C l e a n e r s

26 Main Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522


      Mon -Fri    8am-4pm
      Saturday  9am-noon
Sunday     Closed

FREE Pick Up & Delivery Service

(914) 426-1044

Dry Cleaning/Laundry Home Delivery

                  Our pick-up and delivery service is very simple

Here's How It Works:
  1. Put your dirty dry cleaning and/or laundry items in the bag to get it ready for us to pick-up. We will give you two free garment bags once you become our customer.
  2. You and I will pick out a pick-up and delivery spot (mostly all of our customers leave it at their front door) so you don't have to be home when we come. 
  3. We will stop by your home twice a week without prior contact from you. What we pick-up on Monday we return on Thursday, and what we pick-up on Thursday we return on Monday.
  4. Any other special instructions regarding stains or repairs should be noted and left in the bag.
  5. For your convenience we accept credit cards or payment can be made by check or cash.

         It's That Easy!

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